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We invite you to read these inspiring stories to help you discover the many ways in which Ontario’s university-educated, registered physiotherapists are helping people grow stronger.

Physiotherapists' Submissions


Reaching beyond your goals with physiotherapy
By Janice Centurione

"From wheelchair to walking - one woman’s amazing journey"View Video


Physiotherapy: Freedom Throughout the Years
By Janique Farand-Taylor


Physiotherapy: Pushing the Limits
By Helen Zipes


Babs – Young at Heart – Again!
By Margaret Martin


Physiotherapists Help People with Parkinson’s Disease and Stroke ‘Keep Moving’ with Exercise
By Esmé French, Anne MacLeod, and Kirsti Reinikka


Determination: A Real Success Story
By Marie Andrée Paquin


"I Just Can’t Get My Socks On"
By Evelyn McComb


Strength in All Sizes
By Shelley Mannell


Patients and Physiotherapists: Growing Stronger Together
By Gwen St. John


You’re never too old to become stronger and more independent
By Gwen Rose


My Brother
By Joe Putos


Freedom Through Physiotherapy
By Matthew Aggerholm


Touching Lives
By Jennifer Hordijk


Helping People Be Themselves Again
By Angela Dueck


The Singer
By Artur Koka-Puziarski


A Gold Medal for My Physiotherapist and I
By Jeff Edwards


A Pair of Successes
By Sujith Abraham


Reclaiming My Life With Physiotherapy
Submitted By Dorothy Borovich


Ida’s Physiotherapy Story
By Ida Louis

Student Submissions


My Story
By Matt Lynds


Stronger In So Many Ways
Laura J Graham


My Grandfather, My Inspiration
By Fleur Nelson


Ode to Strength
By Jenna Peters


Why Physiotherapy Is Right for Me
By Nicole Wilson


In this Gym
By Audrey Perreault


How Physiotherapy Makes Me Stronger
By Bailey Drennan


Creativity Required
By Kathryn Freeman


The Motivating Factors that Influenced me to Pursue a Career in Physiotherapy
By Leah Skinner


Making a Difference
By Sarah Marshall


Why I Became a Physiotherapist
By Véronique Yeon


The Impact of Physiotherapy
By Valerie Nagtegaal


My PT Story
By Ana Delic



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